06 May 2010 ~ 0 Comments

floor’s on fire

Simply put: do not sit on problems. Sort them out and do it quickly. If you’re standing watching the floor burn, it’s going to reach you at some point.

In a parallel of the ‘broken windows theory’ , a problem left alone will begin to breed like a disease. People will notice it. They will start to comment and be affected by it. The problem will move to the epicenter of everything else you are aiming to accomplish and, if left long enough, will likely encompass your other goals.

That’s not healthy and it’s completely avoidable. Kill a problem and kill it quick.

Whether it be a misunderstanding, a misrepresentation, a truth that’s distracting or even a person who is agitating and proving chaotic – aim for the heart of the issue and get it resolved.

The people around you will appreciate the quick resolution.

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