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seeing elephants

If someone wants to see an elephant, they will see an elephant.

Interpretation #1:
When a person wants to do something, they will do it. Determination will make sure they don’t miss that episode of the show they love, the game they want to see or attend the conference they’ve had in their sights. The person has their heart set on seeing an elephant and they will travel, push, move other things around and make a path to the see the elephant.

Interpretation #2:
The world the person was in before had elephants in it. Elephants were part of what was needed for success, so there were lots of elephants and lots of success. In the world they are in today, there are no elephants. Elephants are likely not needed either. However, the person wants to see an elephant in the picture so they will see an elephant in the picture, even if it’s not there.

Interpretation #3:
A person is asked to make a deliberation or give an opinion on something. They made their mind up days/weeks/months ago and no matter what has been presented to them since, their lens on this topic will remain unchanged. It is most often a negative view that is imposed. A beautiful puppy is in front of them, but they only see an elephant.

In each of the interpretations there are elephants. Don’t forget the elephants are there.

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