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fifteen minutes to live

Nothing, absolutely nothing is as important as what you have right now. What is in the past is behind you. You have, willingly or unwillingly, learned from it and it has added to the character you are today. Right now.

Bad things have happened to you. Great things have happened too. If you try, you can remember both as distinctly as though they happened today. There are the gaps in-between where nothing seemed to happen, a status quo was maintained, but things did happen and during those times you really weren’t stagnant – you still had hopes for the future and dreams you wanted to fulfill.

It is possible you feel as though you have lived a full life already. Even if not, how successful you are in life is the sum total of the experiences you have had and the people that you have met along the way.

In your mind pick up a pile of little flags and push them into the ground at the points in your life where, had it all ended right there that instant, you would have been happy and felt like you had lived a great, full and complete life.

In front of you is a blank sheet of paper you have yet to write on. Other people may try push the pencil for you, but it’s your pencil and your paper and what results is your work. This is not important other than to know that it will always be your pencil and your paper. The pencil is in your hand right now.

Write stories. Fall in love. Love someone more than you ever could yourself. Learn something new every day. Be uncomfortable. Fear. Feel pain. If it is not working, start again. Regret nothing. Produce something you are exceptionally proud of. Reach satisfaction. Read books. Intently listen to people around you. Reach out to someone you have always wanted to. Complete a story. Be useful, not useless. Care.

Push little flags into the ground every day.


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