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Rockstar Boss The world of business has changed. Not is changing – it has changed. Factories are so 1970’s and pretty much dead in the western world. The widget and selling it has been usurped by the Internet and the last thing your business has left in its value stack is service, saying thank you and being honest. Not everyone can see this, and this is why we need you.
It’s your turn to be the Rockstar Boss....

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all apologies

all apologies

If you’re late for a meeting, late for a date, feel (and probably look) like death warmed up, have a rip on your shirt, a black eye, arrived at the wrong place first before finding the right one, wearing socks that don’t match, said something stupid, dropped the ball…


There’s no point. What’s done is done and any concession from you only shows you up as weak. In the band the lead singer can screw up whenever they want. Suck it up and give the crowd the show they want.

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going for the throat

going for the throat

It doesn’t matter what the medium through which it is delivered; a direct attack on someone never wins anything for anyone involved.

If you feel like you’re about to rip someone’s head off and piss down their throat – don’t. Walk away and give yourself until the next morning before you do anything.

By then you’ll have come up with lots of ways to shoot them in the knees that are far more subtle and less likely to draw attention to you.

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leaders in trouble

leaders in trouble

This post was originally written in August 2008 at a time when not a lot around me in business was making much sense to me. It has a heavy corporate focus, but the principles can be applied to other aspects of life.

We all work for someone. Even if you work for yourself, you’re working for the people who buy something from your company.

In the perfect world you would arrive at the office knowing what you have to do today. Better still, what you want to do. In an ideal world, you’ll arrive at the office knowing where you are aiming to be in your career and life a year from now. Maybe even two years from now. (if you’re in the public sector, maybe five years from now).

All credit due to John C. Maxwell and his book “Developing the Leader Within You” for the direction for this article.

Not surprisingly; the people above you in the corporate feeding chain are very similar to you. You have a lot in common with them. You work for the same company, understand the same products and have to deal with the same people – albeit from different perspectives.

When you’re looking over the shoulder of someone who’s controlling a keyboard and mouse, you’re going to see what needs to be clicked next to progress on to the next screen before they do. I can’t explain this… it just happens. In a very similar scenario, it’s really easy to see what management needs to do next when you’re looking over their shoulder. You know what needs to happen next, and you know what to ‘click’ to get there.

However, there are differences between a manager and a leader. And it’s not difficult to figure out when either is in trouble.

When a leader is in trouble, they:

1. have a poor understanding of the people they work or interact with

2. lack imagination

3. pass the buck

4. are not organized

5. cannot control emotions

6. will not take any risks

7. are defensive and insecure

8. stay inflexible, despite surrounding wisdom

9. have no team spirit or vision

10. avoid change

What do you do if you come across someone like this? Even worse – what if they’re your boss?

Make them feel like they are right. You cannot call them out and you really should not. The absolute best scenario is to visualize the outcome that makes the most sense, figure out a way to make the leader or boss gracefully recover from the situation (do NOT make them publicly look stupid – they are still your boss and may seek to change your employment status shortly afterwards!) and work as positively as you can to reach the desired endpoint. Your leadership qualities will shine through brighter.

Then watch closely for people peering over your shoulder telling you where to ‘click’…

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lead: be the rockstar boss

lead: be the rockstar boss

As I kick this off tonight I’m sitting on at least 300 notes and articles that I’ve written, built from my 20+ years in the most fascinating worlds of business, commerce and human beings. Each note has some insight into the people who make things happen in this world, often contrasted with those who prefer the status quo.

Everyone is human but in life and work: anyone can be a rockstar. Lead the band, plan the tour, listen to the crowd, play for the fans, fill the tour bus with your gang and put on an amazing show.

Let’s see how this goes…