25 April 2010 ~ 1 Comment

situation not people

situation not people

In the 1990 movie “Pump Up The Volume”, Christian Slater’s character Mark (Hard Harry) in one of his pirate radio sessions is trying to talk a caller into not killing himself as he’d threatened to do.

“You’re having a perfectly normal reaction to a f**ked up situation”. The kid’s parents were splitting up and he was blaming himself.

People react to what’s around them. Rarely does the person ever change but the situation around them can, and does, frequently.

If you are trying to do something and a person you need isn’t playing along, don’t blame the person. Look at the situation and circumstances surrounding the person to figure out why they are acting or reacting the way that they are.

What changes can you make to their situation to change how they feel about doing what you need them to? Small changes are usually all that’s ever needed.

Never blame the person. People rarely ever deliberately want to do the wrong thing. They’re only reacting to the situation around them.

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