26 December 2010 ~ 0 Comments

this is a chord

- Sideburns, December 1976

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23 January 2010 ~ 0 Comments

stop right now

stop right now

Ever found yourself in a situation where you and probably a number of other people around you are heading down a particular path and it doesn’t feel right? Of course you have. This isn’t a problem of ‘not my idea’ phobia either.

It doesn’t feel right because it isn’t right. You know it. Everyone around you knows it. But what now?

If you suspect there are others around you that feel the same way but they haven’t said anything, it’s time for a one to one conversation. Go to lunch, have a beer at a bar, grab an empty meeting room and drag them into it and ask them what they think. “Off the record”* of course.

Regardless of how many supporters you have toward your not feeling right about the situation you’re in, you need to do something about it. You MUST do something about it. Nothing positively progressive ever happened when people sat around and watched the proverbial racing car head towards a cliff edge.

You know what’s wrong and you know what needs to happen to fix it. You can bitch like crazy behind the scenes to anyone who’ll listen and drag them and you down into the doldrums of talking smack. Great venting but nothing happens.

Stop the bad situation, even if force is required, and move whatever needs done back on to the rails of where it needs to head to for a positive outcome.

Bizarrely, it’s been my experience time and time again that when something ends, it usually more of a relief than a panic for almost every person involved.

* in the same way that you should expect anything you place online, Facebook included, and all content of any Powerpoint or Keynote presentation slide is going to be seen by anyone and everyone everywhere… an “off the record” conversation will influence the participants and is therefore, theoretically, already “on the record”.

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