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blind date

blind date

Before you begin any business endeavor, marketing initiative or anything that’s going to involve you and an audience, do not proceed without being able to answer these six questions to yourself:

The Perfect Customer

1. Picture the your best possible customer. The best, most profitable customer who would also refer more business to back to you. Now answer this question: how would I be able to identify your ideal customer?

2. The most important thing about your ideal customer is the common need, frustration or desire that they share, that your business can resolve. Describe this problem as briefly as you can.

Your Incredible Difference

3. You need to uncover and communicate a way in which your business is different from every other business that says they do what you do. What is different, intentional or unintentional, about your business in the minds of the people you work with?

4. What is it about your product or service, the way you do business or the passion you bring to your work that makes your business different?

Your Service Experience

5. When prices are more or less the same and feature/functionality is only marginally different, attention and selection criteria turns to the service experience with a company. What service innovations should your business be bringing to your customers? (when answering, think about all the things your business could do for our customers that would make them naturally come back to you the next time they have a decision to make)

6. Doing what is expected of you is critical to your existence as a company, however what must you do beyond this to surprise and delight your customers?

(credit to John Jantsch’s Duct Tape Marketing for these targeting concepts)

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public service announcement

public service announcement

Anything captured in electronic format is open and will be read by anyone.

The Powerpoint presentation deck will be seen by your competition.
The email you wrote to someone in confidence has at least been bcc’ed. Most likely forwarded with disclaimer “wasn’t me” preface.
The insider document, if it’s juicy enough, will make its way to wikileaks.org. If it’s not that interesting, highly likely your competitor will eventually get to read it.

Not one piece of this is bad.

Use it. Tell others what YOU want them to know. There are no electronic secrets.

Even better – be genuine and you ALL of the time. A lie means you have to remember even more stuff than you already do.

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