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digging up

digging up

Find the positive in everything, even disasters, and start from there.

By default, everyone tends to be negative. It’s an easy state to move toward and most people around you will silently agree and follow the downer attitude. “It’ll never work”, “it’s a sign to stop”, “this wasn’t meant to be” etc.

But it can work. Nothing has to stop. Whatever happened can continue if you really believe it should and you want it to. Whatever happens next is up to you.

Any event, however tragic or even neutral, can have a positive outcome or derivative. There is always a very high possibility that something good can come out of a bad circumstance – you need to deliberately look for it to see it and pursue it.

This is not an endorsement to become the “everything is rainbows, puppies and snowflakes” kind of person. Those people are irritating and lack any level of credibility, tagged as frivolous and often viewed with the same contempt as the ever-happy and equally shallow “Mr Motivator” type of person.

Desperately seek out what can be salvaged from any bad situation you find yourself in, dig deep and look for anything that can be turned around and, most of all, never let the contempt, apathy and resignation that bad things attract consume you too.

- Almost everyone tends to be negative by default.
- Find anything that can be salvaged or learned and used in a bad situation and pursue that.
- Be a positive realist and never, ever become Mr Motivator.

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tuff up

tuff up

Feeling uncomfortable is, well, uncomfortable. It’s not fun and nor should it be. In a situation that leads you to feel uncomfortable, what you are feeling is fear.

It could be comprised of uncertainty, confusion, doubt, hesitation or any number of emotions that’ll make you not do something.

Shut the little monster inside you up. Shut it up. Whatever the little monster is saying to stop you, shut it the hell up.

Being uncomfortable is an incredible thing. It means something is happening. Even something hellishly negative that you are in the middle of translates into action. Something to do something about.

Hesitation is the worst affliction of uncomfortable. Don’t do it. Shut the monster up, decide on what to do and do it.

Progress is how you learn and grow. You won’t know progress until you push yourself into uncomfortable situations often. Every day if you can.

The difference between people who go to work each day to do a job and those who make a difference at work or in the world, is that the latter have learned to deal with their fear, shut the inner monster up and push through discomfort.

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