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magic wand

magic wand

Since 2006 I have followed the evolution of a fascinating podcast called Accidental Creative. Todd Henry, the lead behind that project, has brought my engineering mind kicking and screaming toward an understanding of the more analog and fluid world of creativity. Ironically, I have come to appreciate that engineering and creative minds are very similar.

By sheer co-incidence, as I was contemplating the real purpose of Rockstar Boss versus just a bunch of blog posts, Accidental Creative put the “Personal Idea Pad” up for sale.

This needs some background explanation… at the heart of Accidental Creative is the premise that creativity isn’t the result of a magic wand or a lightning bolt to the brain. The ah-hah moment almost always comes about because two or more ideas/experiences/suggestions/learnings have collided to form something far bigger than the individual components. In my personal experience, this is precisely what leads to new ideas. No magic required.

This week I used a fresh sheet from my PIP to work toward possible new directions for Rockstar Boss. The exercise was an eye-opener for a few different reasons:
- I had only been looking at articulating my own personal experiences on the blog and in the book up to now. I hadn’t yet considered the full potential behind the multiple new combinations of ideas and what they could lead to. More importantly, what these mean to those who are reading them.
- The end goal, the Rockstar Boss, needs to be personified. What are the base qualities of this person and what do they mean to you? What do you care about most?
- How radical a departure from the ‘norm’ should the Rockstar Boss be?
- How can you draw a line between Mick Jagger and Bill Gates? What could be learned by doing this?

These are only the starting ideas from my PIP exercise.

Here is my PIP page I’ve been working from. (click for full size)

Try this…
Follow the links between the individual keywords/boxes. Write down what comes to mind when you smash these two words together. If they don’t naturally join, figure out an idea that would force them to connect and note that idea.

I’d love to hear what you come up with. Email me or leave a reply below.

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