What is a Rockstar Boss?

There are times when I could grab you by the shoulders and shake the living daylights out of you. Sometimes I get that frustrated.

What the hell are you doing sitting there contemplating a 9-5 job, checking in and checking out every day and wishing the days away until the weekend?

You have the same amount of time in the day as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Nelson Mandela. The number of days you have alive is a finite number. You are going to die one day (it could even be soon, neither you or I know when) and the only thing you can think to do is sit there on your ass and panic or complain? Seriously?

Your legacy in this world is to leave behind a nice house, reasonably sane family and ‘worked hard at their job’? How forgettable. That’s what you’re telling me. You are aiming for forgettable.
Saddest part is, so is everyone around you in the 9-5, day job life.

Those people need you. I need you. You need to pull the finger out your ass and do something about the death march of rotting away your future under a fair days work for a fair days’ pay.
Start living.

That task you fear. Those rules you hate. You are going to do something about it. They are not going to fix themselves. The boss that’s riding your ass who doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about? YOU know he doesn’t know what he’s talking about which means YOU need to do something to change it.

The world of commerce and business has changed. Not is changing – it has changed. The premise of business life in the industrial era is no longer real or relevant. Factories were fun in the 1960’s and are now gasping their last breath in the western world. The widget and selling it has been blown away by an ever changing audience and the Internet and the last thing the business you’re in has left in its value stack is service, saying thank you and being honest. As obvious as it may be to you, not everyone can see this and this is why we need you.

Go ahead. Put this book down and walk away. Stick with your safe life and being oblivious to change.
The absolute riskiest thing you can do today is play it safe and continue as though it’s all going to be okay. You’re guaranteeing yourself a high ranking on the ‘first to go’ list when your company finally figures out that the world is becoming a different place.

This is not the preface to a mid-life crisis, nor is it an endorsement to shit on the desk of your boss to subtly telling him to stuff his job. This is an invitation to start living, to be fix the broken things and solve the problems you see and feel. To do something worthwhile, derive an intense amount of satisfaction out of it and make your indelible mark on this planet.

It’s now your turn to be the Rockstar Boss.

A Rockstar Boss…
- Understands the rules then breaks them.
- Doesn’t strangle themselves with a necktie.
- Naturally rebellious and comfortable with discomfort.
- Does not take orders.
- Values humans over hierarchy.
- Gets stuff done. And exceptionally so.
- Hates high school and those who never left it behind.
- Has no ego. Pride is different.
- Absorbs the negative and thrives by using it.
- Lives on the record. Always.
- Excludes no-one except the stupid.
- Does the right thing even when it’s not the right thing to do.
- Delivers everything with sparkle.
- Knows that nobody wants to do the wrong thing.

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  1. Ben 17 May 2012 at 7:37 pm Permalink

    Takes everyone with them, even when it’s the toughest thing to do.

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